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Post by Jan_Schmidt » Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:10 pm

1. The link between technology use and depressions is not very accurate. Participants are unable to explain the direction of any effect.
2. Negative findings continue to have a greater influence on public opinion as they appear more frequently in the popular press.
3. For example, smartphones and social media help people communicate and socialise.
4. lower satisfaction, boredom, feelings of social pressure and fear
5. It is not harmful in itself.

1. with New Years resolutions
2. cut down
3. inherently harmful
4. overstated
5. negative
6. withdrawal
7. questionable evidence
8. the truth is slowly emerging

1. like the Middle Ages
2. I do not think so. In my enviroment the most people rely on direct contact and face to face speak.
3. On the one hand postive due to coming down and to switch off e.g. on holiday. On the other hand negative because technology connect people world wide. So they help people to communicate and socialise.

fatal accidents - tödlicher Unfall
nippy - flott
series - Serie
mulled wine - Glühwein
get on well - gutes Zusammenleben
advantageous - viorteilhaft
evidence - beweis
unlikely - unwahrscheinlich

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Re: Lesson reports

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Surviving Christmas
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